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Pulse Peak

XHP90 Powerful LED Flashlight

XHP90 Powerful LED Flashlight

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Illuminate Your Path with the Luminator XHP90 LED Tactical Flashlight!

Imagine you are in the midst of darkness, with the unknown lurking around, and with a swift click, your path is flooded with the clarity of powerful white light. That's the assurance the Luminator XHP90 offers to adventurers, nocturnal wanderers, and anyone in need of a light in the dark.

Shine Bright Wherever You Go:

  • Extreme Range: Cut through the night with a spectacular range of 300-500 meters, illuminating everything in your path.
  • Multi-Intensity: Whether you need a strong beam or a modest glow, six adjustable settings give you total control over your light, including an SOS feature for emergencies.
  • Power-Efficient: No more unexpected blackouts! The built-in overcharge and discharge protection extend battery life, while clear power indicators keep you informed.

Rugged and Reliable:

  • Compact Powerhouse: At 155mm in length with a 55mm head diameter, it’s your lightweight companion that packs a punch.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from hard-wearing aluminum alloy and featuring wear-resistant anodizing, this flashlight is built to last.
  • Weather-Resilient: IPX5 waterproof rating ensures reliability in any weather, protecting against splashes and drenching.

Specifications & Accessories:

  • Easy Charging: Comes with a 0.5m USB cable for hassle-free charging.
  • Stylish Packaging: Securely housed in a premium yellow leather box, making it a great gift.


  • Alla beställningar skickas inom 1-2 arbetsdagar.
  • Frakttiden är 5-12 arbetsdagar.


  • Passar alla: Med justerbara handtag passar den armar av alla storlekar.
  • Träna bekvämt: Skumgreppen skyddar dina handleder och gör passet skönare och mer fokuserat.
  • Håller för trycket: Kvalitetsmaterial och robusta fjädrar gör att den håller i längden.
  • Vikt: 440g
  • Material: Högkvalitativ blandning av fjäderskum och nylonfiber.
  • Tränar: Handens framdel, underarmarnas flexormuskler och hela underarmsområdet.
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